13 Brutal Moments Crocodile Swallows Their Prey

Crocodile | September 29, 2022 12:23 PM | Alisa

It’s amazing how that huge crocodile can get literally inches away right under an animal’s nose and not be seen. Correction! #10 wasn’t the alligator taking advantage of the wild pigs drinking water. The alligator took advantage of the people on the boat baiting the wild pigs with bread to feed the alligator. The cheetah […]

Crocodile Vs Monitor Lizard- Sajnekhali, Sundarbans-W Bengal

Crocodile | August 7, 2022 6:40 AM | Alisa

That Croc probably wasn’t hungry and just attacked due to Instinct, territory, or both. A Croc of this size can drag a full-grown Zebra into the water which outweighs the monitor lizard by hundreds of pounds. The lizard is alive because the Croc allowed it to live. Monitor lizards are very durable and robust animals. […]

Conflicts in a river

Crocodile | July 12, 2022 9:49 AM | Alisa

There are some conflicts in the river, I love wildlife documentaries because I love animals and it’s great to see them in their natural habitat. thank you for taking us on such beautiful journeys. It is with great admiration and love that I took the time to entertain myself with this beautiful documentary. The voice […]

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